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    Global Institute for Structure relevance, Anonymization and Dezentralization


    We identify:

    • Structure relevant, sustainable ideas, regardless of the short-term ROI

    We certify:

    • Optimal anonymization of IT projects for the ultimate in Privacy Policy
    • Optimal decentralization of IT projects for most comprehensive data security

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    elf Buecherreihe

    Technology not to get bored.
    Read the thrilling books of
    Olaf Berberich.
    Will we retain our autonomy or depend on opaque global structures?

    Unfortunately, there are books in
    German only.
    English publisher wanted!

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    We have carried out many pilot projects on behalf of customers.

    Some projects we are allowed to use and offer the proven concepts support including .

Trusted WEB 4.0 is the integration of all on the web available resources  in an overall system.
Machinery, equipment and people globally be reached, organized in decentralized, anonymous systems.
Trusted WEB 4.0 depicts pre-digital social structures.
The chain of economic value added to be reorganized.

In this store you can find everything about Trusted WEB 4.0:

books, studies and pilot projects